Thursday, 22 January 2015

The world's richest men hasn't left a check of Rs 13

WASHINGTON (HIT) If you think a few bucks billion people do not have any meaning, it must be false, because if some billionaire money, even for a few who are not afraid to take the bother. America's "Spy Magazine" in order to test several wealthy individuals bhyjy.du Check extremely low amounts that were among the richest people who only 13 cents (about 13 bucks) krualyy also cash checks.
Cashing in their efforts to a small but surprising is that 26 people krauyy cash the check. The two celebrities Michael Douglas and Fe dnuy also thy.mygzyn the experiment the increase and now a $ 2 check 32 people bhyjaaur 6 people Check Cashing bother including actor Richard gears and Candice Bergen also said.
Experience it for $ 0.13 (Rs 13) What gya.dlcsp with 13 people, the arms dealer Adnan ksugy and a world-renowned US dollars mshurkarubary and dulnd Trump owns the slight figure of billions check your account kradyyy collected in order to increase their wealth is Rs 13.

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