Thursday, 22 January 2015

Brazilian women have the right to embarrassing Porn protest

Brazil (HIT) to achieve their legitimate public protest against the government in Brazil, but it is normal for women to assert a unique demands have come out on the streets naked. Lie naked on the beach against women, according to a new law which Sondag (sun bathing) beaches in the name of women's nakedness is prohibited.

 On hearing the news, hundreds of women protesting the ban came out to clear the message and some without wearing it out of the houses are deserted. To lead a protest in the city of Rio rhnmaĜĦayna Paula "Reuters TV" said his goal is to get out naked nakedness that they see as a natural thing and not think about it the wrong way . They also noted that many countries allow women to be naked on the beaches in Brazil, so why is it banned. The protest was attended by women with men was higher than the number of women protesting. The men said they came to express solidarity with women

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