Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gruesome discovery in research on contraceptive pills, doctors warned

Copenhagen (HIT) in female birth control (birth control) to use contraceptives is considered a popular and easy way, but according to a recent scientific study pills and a few other ways that men instead of women are the responsibility, women can increase the rate of brain cancer 

The study by scientists at University of Southern Denmark and the more than 2,000 women aged 15 to 44 years were studied. According to the study pills, hormone IUD or coil device expected to grow at double the risk of brain tumors is Glioma. The most damaging of these was given pills which is found only Progeostagen. Their use has tripled the risk of cancer. "British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology" The research has been published in the hormone progesterone astroeytoma accelerate the growth of cells which causes brain tumors. Research leader Dr David Gates says Glioma disease rate is very small and usually only 5 women in a million could be used for the shoot despite having cancer rate is negligible.

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