Thursday, 22 January 2015

Do you know what the first thing was sold on the Internet? I know you drown in a sea of wonder

San Francisco (HIT), today internet technology has reached its modern form, and it is possible that you can buy via the web. Although this is a recent development, but we looking normal that some people in the world who buy and sell on the Internet are using for about half a century. Perhaps you will say that it did not exist half a century ago the Internet. Actually it is a very limited form which was early and was called Arpanet and it was only a few scientists. ATM robbers rob you've invented a new way of Using the network of America's Stanford University, University of MIT students with some students myruana (marijuana or hashish similar drugs) and the buying and selling of e-commerce sales of the drug was tranzksn . That day and the day today, drug dealers use the Internet are ahead of the rest of the world. Law enforcement officials are still trying to understand the drug dealers have sophisticated methods can no break

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