Thursday, 22 January 2015

Word ''News'' meaning you know? You understand that they can not

Lahore (HIT) which we Urdu News in English the word "news" has become an integral part of our lives, writes and morning newspaper and read news through TV, hear and see. Today I would consider to be some of the words that come to make it. Related to this story is that the most common names of the four directions North, East, West, South, taking the first letters have been made and the N, E, W and S together became News . The reason for this is the news that is coming from the four winds, so it was done.

This story has no basis in fact. The fact that the English word News New deposit was made the new stuff, things or information, and then it began to be used for reports in the news that shows us new things. New adjective and adjective word in English, but the collection does not collect several other European languages is an adjective, so any person collecting the New, and the word was invented News came into existence.

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