Tuesday, 20 January 2015

To get the full benefit of green tea right way

Karachi (News Desk) efficacy of green tea if you know very well, but have you ever considered that this is the correct way to drink? Today we will tell you to use it correctly. 

Human health benefits of ginger tea incredible Two to three cups  present in green tea intake is also so much more that can adversely affect your liver

Never drink on an empty stomach 

Do not drink on an empty stomach in the morning, drinking tea raised  it will have a negative impact on your stomach start the morning with a glass of water, please. Shortly after eating Shortly after lunch, drink some green tea and use it to understand that their stomach is fine, but it is a serious mistake, because it would be difficult to digest the food.

After lunch break of at least half an hour and then drink green tea. 

If you use green tea to sleep in your bed will be difficult. Therefore, at least two to three hours before bedtime drink green tea so you do not have a problem sleeping. Do not use green tea bags Once you know how to use the green tea bags do not use it too much because it will not only caffeine but also the accumulation of bacteria harmful to health. Drink more water Green tea is very much urination due to lack of water in the body can drink so much water.

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