Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Elbow, and knee simple way to clean black marks

Birmingham (HIT) to protect the beauty and facial hair usually focus on the rest of the body is being ignored is the main disadvantage is blackish brown knees and elbows. Fortunately, this problem is very simple and you just lemon, oil and papaya asyaØĄsy identical color can clear these parts. Lemon cut into pieces and these pieces are filled with equal amounts of sugar and salt rub elbows and knees. Vitamin C Skin Care skin while lemon salt and sugar are separated by dead skin cells. Human health benefits of ginger tea incredible The coat of papaya mixed with yogurt and rub this mixture onto the skin. Papayn enzymes found in papaya is to clean the skin and vitamins A and C, which are also part of the skin glow. If the elbows and knees too good bath soap and soft cloth, etc. Friction Rub well. On the knees and elbows before bedtime olive, almond or coconut oil massage will make the skin very soft and pliable, will explode and are protected from being dry.

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