Sunday, 25 January 2015

iPhone 6 raises Apple’s share in Asian market

iPhone 6 has shown a great competitive influence in the Asian market with a positive share increase.
The realease of Apple’s iPhone 6 has in no doubt shown a great a deal and being a compatative threat to Samsung Electronic dominant position in its turf home in South Korea.
Apple shot to a 33% rise  in the Asian market share which is a first time record and a big up to the US company according to a Hong Kong  based market research company  Counterpoint on Wednesday.
Apple has attarcted  many eyes in South Korea, China and Japan with its outsatnding iPhone series.
On the other hand Samsung has shown a slip to 46% after dominating a 60% share for 5 months.
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have indeed  made a diffrence this time since no foriegn brand has ever hit beyond 20%  in market share history of Korea’s  smartphone industry according to research director at Counterpoint  Tom Kang.
In China Apples stands comfortably in third position slaming 12%  behind Xioami with 18%. However, Samsung  being the head in China’s market slips to 4th position with 9%.

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