Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Facebook Offer Huge Payment To Female employees Not To Become Mother

New York: Name in the world of technology that companies like Facebook and Apple intends to give pregnant women employees would pay millions. Fertility for the treatment of workers by companies in their ability to be a mother will freeze, so that whenever they want to become mothers. In fact, companies that want to work in their offices for some years, women give up the desire to be a mother. For that he is going to pay heavy. These companies believe that to do so would be to focus more on women's career and even after the passage of time, they will not face any difficulties in being a mother. According to a report by NBC for Facebook that women have begun to pay employees while Apple will launch its 2015 revenue payment. The treatment of women are saved on aygz zero temperatures, so they can be used at any time in the future choose their import settings ten thousand dollars on a method that costs a few dollars annually for the storage of costs. According to experts, companies may decide it is helpful for women, who at some point in life, career or family to have a forced choice. The purpose of these companies to demonstrate excellent performance of the female workforce is to maintain long-term jobs. Generally, in the case of pregnant women go on leave for a long time or have to leave forever. In the event that the company is losing his services, Facebook Bay four thousand dollars in cash payments have been paid, the workers can spend any way.

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