Thursday, 22 January 2015

WhatsApp Launch Sim For Smartfune

London: number of smartphone users to stay in touch with their loved ones WhatsApp use the popular social applications and to communicate via Wi-Fi or mobile internet users, however, must be trouble keeping "Watt Sim" has been introduced called a SIM card without an Internet connection through which it is possible absolutely free of WhatsApp. Italy Mobile, the mobile company Zero "Watt Sim" has been called a SIM card mtaaraf 400 mobile operators in 150 countries of the world which is able to connect with it anywhere and can be used anywhere.

If you Watt SIM SIM you just have to do it put your SIM mobile online after its own to provide the highest signal will be connected to the operator and without internet WhatsApp connection can use absolutely free. The company says that users of WhatsApp expensive mobile internet and Wi-Fi are suffer from the absence, it is the best way for them that they buy costly data plans without internet in touch with your loved ones to stay. Initially, the price of 10 euros (about 1,168 Pakistani rupees) has been fixed through which messages can be sent free of charge on WhatsApp photos or videos to share, however, the user will have to buy credit. whatsim_whatsapp-960x623 Initially, "Watts SIM" on the company's website was put up for sale, but soon sold through distributors in 100 countries will be presented to. Founder and CEO of Zero Mobile says Manuel large number of people around the world use WhatsApp people traveling in the various countries are vulnerable to irritation of roaming charges while Wi-Fi is available everywhere it. Keeping all these things the SIM card has been introduced and it will be the best choice for SIM WhatsApp users.

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