Sunday, 25 January 2015

Iphone Drop From Space ? Result Will Schock You

New York (HIT) will fall from the phone so it is hard to survive in the United States, was an experienced iPhone 6 with hot air balloons to space reached a hundred feet down and hearing result will amaze you not only broken, but it was not even close.

News of the word literally meaning you know? You understand that they can not

This experience Urban Armor Gear US company to assess the strength of your case what. The company claims that their cell phone is not only lightweight and thin but strong enough that even a hundred feet high inflation does not harm the phone. I call this experience with two cameras and a GPS locator was sent. Falling to negative 56 degrees Celsius during the iPhone 6 and 70 mph winds temperatures encountered but also when he looked through the GPS then it was still not screen protector, being the screen was safe.

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