Friday, 23 January 2015

Internet will disappear, Google's head striking the forecast

Z├╝rich (HIT) so it seems apparent that the Internet is rapidly becoming the technology spread throughout the world famous IT guru Eric Schmidt of Google in the future have predicted the collapse of the Internet.

Eric World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the city was addressing a session. When they were asked how they see the future of the Internet in the coming period so that the Internet, as we know it, the world will end. will become part of its separate existence that we will soon be forgotten. It happened to us, it will be necessary as water and oxygen. He explains everything that comes out of our home, our contact will be through digital devices and the temperature sensors of different types, weather, traffic, etc. will inform about the situation. On the way back home when refrigerators, fans and TV-like devices will also be controlled digitally.

The CEO of Vodafone New Zealand coli Eric also agreed that in future I will be flying around us like little bees drone drones wander. It will also be a result of people's privacy will be eliminated, governments and other organizations are monitoring every word of each will be.

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