Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Interesting Facts About Duylyr

1. South Africa's junior hockey team and had been shortlisted for. 

2. The Football Junior National Team were included in the shortlist.

 3. He was the captain of the junior national rugby team.

 4. school swimming champion won the title 6 times.

 5. They are champions of South Africa's 100-meter race.

 6. South Africa's Junior Davis Cup tennis team member. 

7.uh andr19- badminton are national champions.

 8. They had the honor of golf sykryc Cape Henry, they were outstanding player.

 9. Won the National Medal of the National Science project which ataĜĦkya the famous World nylsn Mandela.

 Duylyr says he is fond of cricket-crazy lengths ranging from swimming to football any sport could become an international star. Maybe they really are champions.

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