Sunday, 25 January 2015

If you give the right answer these 13 questions, you can also work at Facebook

International organizations that provide job counseling Glass Door in Facebook for job interviews some important questions asked during the information you have gathered the following questions:

* Approximately how many posts per day on Facebook birthday greetings are sent to? (Data Scientist interview)

* Daily on the internet about how much money is spent? (Account Manager Interview)

* What are the benefits of advertising on Facebook? (Client Partner interview)

* If you upload photos to Facebook, then you'll suddenly be 50 percent? (Operations Associate User Intelligence Interview)

* If the unit of length two dots on the line to have much space so that the line will have three pieces of a triangle? (Product Analyst Interview)

* IPhone apps I used to group feature "Folders" analyze and explain how it can be improved? (Product Designer Interview)

* Your television's remote control to re-design will function? (Product Designer Interview)

* Estimate of the number of airports in the United States. (Product Manager Interview)

* A binary tree (Binary Tree) has been, it line by line and write the code to print. (Software Engineer Interview)

* You estimate the number of cars passing over the bridge leading how to do? (Software Engineer Interview)

* Explain how you will design an app? (Product Manager Interview)

* You will want to change something in Facebook? (Software Engineer Interview)

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