Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hidden in the treatment of skin diseases urine? Female authors have disputed the claim

London (HIT) and luminosity to the skin's health, but perhaps they do not have to use this version will ever be imagined. Some health experts in Britain have claimed that human urine is a good tonic for skin health. 

Christie says author Martha Egypt, China and India for centuries to protect the health prescription is being used. They are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal declares that it not only eliminates bacteria but also eliminates fungus problems. Shona Wilkinson says nutrition expert in the urine of 95% water and the remaining five percent calcium, iron, and zinc as  are . Christie suggest that the facial skin clean and to protect spots and chayyun massage from her own urine. They are termed Urotherapy. Similarly, an increase in the immune system, , fungal infections icon and the recognition that it is the best recipe. The beneficiaries of this procedure are the example of Madonna.

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