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Dangerous! Three Race Tracks Around The World That You Would Have to be CRAZY To Drive

Dangerous! Three Race Tracks Around The World That You Would Have to be CRAZY To Drive

Sometimes thrill seekers are not found miles in the air jumping out of airplanes, climbing mountains, or deep in the ocean discovering new territory. Sometimes thrill seekers have their feet… er tires… planted firmly on the ground. There are some race tracks around the world that a driver would have to crazy or at least in need of an adrenalin rush to race. Racing at breakneck speeds to beat the other speeding power horses trying to get ahead is inherently dangerous in the best of conditions. Many tracks not only do not offer the best of conditions, they have risky attributes that make them a thrill to race, but a risk all the same.

Three Deadliest Tracks in the World

3.See the most dangerous race tracks at speedtracktalk.comNurburgring Nordschleife

This track has everything a sane person would avoid while speeding. From drop offs to hairpin turns and other speeding motorists, it is no wonder that this track is filled several times weekly with clean up crews and emergency workers. There are areas of the 12.9 mile track that make cars fly up off of the ground. One is referred to as Flugplatz which means Flying Place, and another Bergwerk, which means Mine, which is a tight corner that has taken lives. The most iconic feature of the track is the Carousal which is a steep circle like turn followed by another hairpin turn and a steep gradient. Racers of all stages are permitted on the tracks, and wrecks occur a lot less when sanctioned professional races occur. It still remains one of the top three most dangerous tracks in the world with over 200 fatalities according to Jeremy Clarkson of the hit European show Top Gear.

2. Le Mans

The 24 hour Le Mans race has been occurring annually since 1923. It is a race to test the endurance and speed of both the vehicle and driver. The track itself is 8.47 miles long the racer lap over and over again during their race reaching records of over 3,000 miles for a single race. What makes this track so dangerous is the extreme speeds the drivers are able to reach. In 1988 Roger Dorchy reached 252 MPH. After some fatalities they shortened the area where drivers can build speed and the highest speed is now closer to 210, still crazy but less deadly. Perhaps the extreme speeds are what attracted skydiver Felix Baumgartner to race with Le Mans winners on other tracks, winning the Le Mans has to be similar to diving 24 miles to Earth. Le Mans is not only deadly for the drivers, in a tragic accident in 1955 eighty fans and a driver died in a horrific crash. 24 drivers have died in the Le Mans 24 due to the high speeds attained on this track.

1. Isle of Man TT

Perhaps it is the fact that racers take hairpin turns through roads, footpaths, mountainsides and along storefronts, or maybe it is because the drivers are only on two wheels that makes the Isle of Man TT is the most dangerous race track in the world. This country track has claimed over 227 lives over the years. The racers reach speeds up to 180 MPH on motorcycles and drive just a few feet from spectators at times. The race is dangerous and thrilling for driver and fan alike. Endurance, balance, mental stability, and sheer luck are all requirements to survive the Isle of Man TT, much less win it. The contestants who are able to walk away after the race are lucky for surviving whether they win or not. The winner gets the prestige of knowing he/she not only survived but won the most dangerous race in the world.
Even the most adventurous thrill seekers think twice before racing on the three deadliest tracks in the world.

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