Friday, 23 January 2015

Conservative Government Continues to Support Small Businesses : MP. Shory

Conservative Government Continues to Support Small Businesses : MP. Shory

Press Release
Calgary – Devinder Shory, Member of Parliament for Calgary Northeast reacted positively to the announcement made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that the Conservative Government intends to make changes to the Canada Small Business Financing Program to allow more small businesses to apply and will make larger loans available for small businesses to purchase or improve their land or buildings.

“The change to the Canada Small Business Financing Program is one more action taken by our Conservative Government to support small businesses in Canada,” said MP Shory.

“We understand that small- and medium-sized businesses employ 70% of the private sector workforce—almost 8 million Canadians and therefore helping Canada’s small business community continue to grow and thrive is essential to Canada’s continued economic prosperity. That is why we introduced the New Small Business Job Credit in 2014 to lower small businesses’ Employment Insurance premiums and why we created the Red Tape Reduction Action Plan in 2012 to keep control on the growth of regulatory red tape impacting businesses.”

“It is unfortunate that the Opposition Liberals and NDP have not supported measures to help hard-working Canadians grow their businesses. They both continue to support a job-killing 45-day work-year proposal which would hike payroll taxes by $4 billion and they opposed our Small Business Job Credit,” concluded MP Shory.

Quick Facts:
  • The Canada Small Business Financing Program helps new businesses get started and helps established firms make improvements and expand; improves access to loans that would not otherwise be available to small businesses; and stimulates economic growth and creates jobs for Canadians.
  • The changes to the program will make loans available to more firms by increasing the revenue threshold under which a small business can apply for the program, and will support business start-up and growth by increasing the maximum loan amount and the maximum term length for loans financing the purchase or improvement of land and buildings.
  • Since 2006, the Small Business Financing Program has provided over 50,000 loans to small businesses.

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