Sunday, 25 January 2015

Barack Obama follows the wrong David Cameron on Twitter

The US President has called the British Prime Minister his 'bro' but the friendship does not appear to extend to social media

Only a week ago he was lavishing praise on his “great friend” and “outstanding partner”.
But Barack Obama’s affection for his “bro” David Cameron does not extend to social media.
The US President does not include the Prime Minister among the 645,000 people he follows on Twitter.
He does however, follow another David Cameron – a computer game lover from Oregon who tweets about Star Trek.
Mr Cameron, by contrast, follows 382 people, including Mr Obama.

Another message read: “I have had two glasses of wine, and suddenly I have a case of the hiccups that is so bad I will probably pull a muscle.”
During last week’s visit to Washington, Mr Obama hailed Mr Cameron, saying: “Put simply, David is a great friend.
"He's one of my closest and most trusted partners in the world.
"On many of the most pressing challenges that we face, we see the world the same way.”

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