Friday, 23 January 2015

After Father Saddam Hussein daughter's daughter has upset the Western world

Oman (HIT) rgd former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's eldest daughter from his country after being deported to Jordan became a famous jewelry designers and is currently making diamond and gold jewelry are sold. Rgd had left Iraq in 2003 and became refugees in Jordan.

According to British media, but they are refugees living their lives and they lavish diamond jewelry to do business. The jewelry design their father and husband, Hussein Kamal al-Majid, Saddam Hussein reflect the views. Iraqi civilization, culture and monuments adorned with pictures of Saddam jewelry sets are sold in the millions.

In 1983, Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard rgd a special security force supervisor Hussein Kamal, 16 years old, married and gave birth to her first son. Luxury life from the beginning, expensive Western brand clothing, shoes and jewelry are curious.

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