Friday, 23 January 2015

6 health benefits of Lemon water

We have been on a wrong routine when it comes to taking morning beverages like tea and coffee as an energy booster. According to the health experts the best and healthiest drink to start a day is lemon water. Lemon water does not only give you various health benefits but it also fosters your mood and self-esteem. Here are few health benefits of Lemon water.
1. Aids in Digestion: The most important and major health benefit of lemon water is that it aids the digestive system by making the process of elimination of waste products from the body easier. The mixture encourages the liver and GI tract to make digestive system work properly.The digestive qualities of this mixture gets you immediate relief from symptoms of indigestion like of bloating, bleaching and heartburn. It also helps in preventing various health problems like of constipation and diarrhea, by ensuring smooth bowel functions.
2. It supports Immune Function: Lemons and other citrus fruits are the excellent rich source of vitamin C and ascorbic acid. Vitamin C plays a vital role in combating common cold and also helps in making bones, muscle, and blood vessels stronger and healthier. On the other hand ascorbic acid helps iron absorption which plays an important role in immune function. So it helps in boosting overall immune system.
3. Alkalizes the Body: Your body is at the verge of disease if it is in a chronic pH imbalance. Imbalance in pH level can deteriorate your health. Lemons are extremely alkalizing although they seem acidic and drinking lemon water is the best way to ensure your pH balance. You need to have glass of this mixture especially when you take diets that are heavy in meat, cheese and other fattening food.
4. It keeps skin beautiful: When you realize the fact that chronic dehydration is making your skin look dull, you should start your day with lemon water. The amount of vitamin C present in this water plays a critical role in maintaining skin health and the antioxidants in it can fight aging factor. So this mixture not only plays a vital role in maintaining your health but it also enhances your beauty by rejuvenating your skin.
5. It helps Detox: It helps detox means lemon water helps in removing toxic substances from your body. It is a natural diuretic which means this super combination flushes the liquids and toxins from your body along with it. The critic acid in this mixture plays a key role in keeping liver healthy as it helps in maximizing enzymes which stimulates liver.
6. It’s an Energizer: Lemon water is a perfect energizer, replace your morning coffee or tea by lemon water and you will feel the changes. It boosts the mind power and makes you feel great as the combination of lemon and water helps to hydrate and oxygenate the blood.

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