Tuesday, 20 January 2015

25 Mind-Blowingly Informative Websites That Will Expand Your Worldview

1. Uscreen.tv

If you fancy yourself as an independent filmmaker or one who has anything to teach others, selling your video content directly to customers throughUscreen could seriously change your life. As the instant video platform describes, people want to buy movies and educational content legally and in a quick digital format – so use that site to give them the stuff they want to see, and turn yourself into the next Steven Spielberg in the process.

2. ChameleonJohn

Saving money changes lives by improving disposable income. As such,ChameleonJohn helps people find the hottest deals available each day to bring practical betterment to their economic lives.

3. I’m Remembering!

Because we all need to laugh about the 1980s and 1990s – either because we lived through them, or weren’t born yet, or are too young to remember what others are remembering on this site.

4. GoodGuide

GoodGuide scientists help readers find safe products, and that’s pretty important for a good life.

5. TED

If you’ve ever watched a famous TED talk, you know how much they stick with you. Start with Mellody Hobson’s one million-plus viewed “Color blind or color brave?” recollection of how she – as the wife of famed filmmaker George Lucas – was led to the kitchen during one important event because the receptionist assumed she was the help.

6. Wanelo

So many people fall in love with this Wanelo – Want, Need, Love site that you’ll probably do the same, and soon enough find yourself adding pics of the stuff you desire, or using it to shop for the things your loved ones want, need – and yes, love.

7. Fabletics

If you’re a workout fiend or know a gym rat, Kate Hudson’s subscription exercise gear site called Fabletics is really boss.

8. AliExpress

It can be fun to find all sorts of deals on AliExpress, the kinds of discounted items that only sellers from around the globe can offer so inexpensively, like high-quality 100% virgin human hair for weaves.

9. Por Homme

Por Homme is something for the male homies – all about fashion and toys for boys.

10. This is Why I’m Broke

Shopping is turned into a fun experience on This is Why I’m Broke, which pulls together a variety of interesting products at all price points to present to buyers.

11. Alexa

The “What’s Hot” list on Alexa is updated every five minutes, so there’s no excuse not to know what’s going on in the world.

12. What’s Trending

If you want to know what’s buzzing in the newsroom, What’s Trending will tell you.


UPROXX is a cool visual way of learning the buzziest happenings, like whenIdris Elba took to Reddit to tell a funny Nicolas Cage story.

14. Visual News

Because, yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, viewing the items onVisual News gives you a quick way to reference stories without having to do a ton of reading if you lack the time and desire.

15. NowThisNews

Scrolling down the homepage of NowThisNews will give you a one-minute review of everything going on today and keep you well informed.

16. White Whine

White Whine tracks “First World problems,” like not being able to use your infinity pool because the weather is a little too chilly – or having problems deciding which new iPhone 6 model to purchase.

17. Twaggies

Twaggies is a site that makes tweets extra-funny by illustrating them.

18. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

The YouTube video snippets of the Jimmy Kimmel segment calledCelebrities Read Mean Tweets should make your day.

19. Attack of the Cute

Attack of the Cute is freaking adorable, proving there aren’t enough photos of babies and kittens and puppies on the Internet.

20. Honest Slogan

Companies may have their own taglines, but the Honest Slogan website tells you what consumers really think about their products.

21. 2leep

Get a dose of weirdness that you might not expect on 2leep, like photos of what a cow might look like after being completely blow-dried.

22. Shutterbean

Shutterbean has a boatload of gorgeous photos and relevant information about food, photography and other eclectic subjects.

23. 70 Degrees West

There exists a plethora of bucolic and picturesque images and videos on 70 Degrees West, and viewing them just might help your blood pressure drop.

24. maskCARA

The amazing website of a makeup artist known simply as Cara – hence the name maskCARA – is one of those OMG sites with oversized, clear images and tips that make you want to plop your email address in the newsletter box.

25. Greatist

Aptly named and oddly spelled, Greatist is optimal to appear last but not least – if anything for the excellent lifestyle articles all about eating better, exercising well and dating wisely.

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